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Guinea Pig Hutches

Windsor Guinea Pig Hutch

This two-tier, 15-sq ft. guinea pig hutch gives your pet a secure and
weatherproof home, perfect for the budget-conscious.

The Windsor Guinea Pig Hutch
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Guinea Pig Hutches For Sale

Cheap Guinea Pig Hutch For Sale

Highgrove is among our most affordable, easy-to-assemble guinea pig hutches, with 5-door access, open floor, and non-slip slope.

The Highgrove Guinea Pig Hutch
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Cheap Guinea Pig Hutch Sale

Double Guinea Pig Hutch For Sale

This guinea pig hutch provides 2-in-1 value and is ideal for separating groups of pets or giving them one spacious home.

Double Guinea Pig Hutch
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Double Hutch Sale

Guinea Pig Ark

Our spacious, 5-ft apex guinea pig hutch comes with a secure compartment for protection from the weather and other elements.

The Guinea Pig Ark
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Guinea Pig Run For Sale

Hideaway Guinea Pig Hutch

Our Hideaway Guinea Pig Hutch is as its name implies – a safe, private place for pets, built to withstand adverse

The Hideaway Guinea Pig Hutch
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Guinea Pig Hutch For Sale

Large Guinea Pig Run Hutch

With smooth-finished foldable roof and side panels, our Large Guinea Pig Run expands to 23 sq. ft. of secure, roaming space.

Large Guinea Pig Run
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Large Run For Guinea Pigs

Collapsible Guinea Pig Run

This Guinea Pig Run is sturdy
and built to last with over 13 square feet of space providing a safe and secure area for your pets.

Collapsible Guinea Pig Run
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Large Run For Guinea Pigs

Large guinea pig huthc

Our largest hutch with just under 18 square feet of safe space for your pet to roam, with multiple acess points and a large easily...

Balmoral Guinea Pig Hutch
Guinea Pig Hutch Details
Guinea Pig Runs For Sale

"I am really pleased with my order and the service throughout as been

The guinea pig hutch is good and well made and I even put it together on my own in
an evening without any trouble at all. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family looking for a guinea pig hutch as they were the best quality and size for the price, and the service was excellent.

Terry - Dorset
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" We take special pride in offering you a variety of guinea pig hutches which are not only competitively priced but also solid, durable, and guaranteed to last you for many years.

All of our guinea pig hutches are constructed from pressure treated and are pre-treated with an animal friendly preservative before leaving the factory . With the extra effort that goes into the manufacturing of our hutches, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

We have done our best to describe our guinea pig hutches as honestly as possible and by giving you plenty of real guinea pig hutch images and detailled information on each guinea pig hutch we hope that you will find it easier to decide which hutch is best for you.

You can also shop confidently with us, knowing that you are investing in a well made and comfortablle home for your pet.